XC-SP1210 - SpinPlus Centrifuge, 12 x 10ml

SpinPlus Centrifuge, 12 x 10ml
SKU: XC-SP1210
Manufacturer part number: XC-SP1210

New and improved body
style with LED display
showing time and speed
at a glance
Quiet, easy and long-
lasting operation while
reaching speeds of up to
5,000 rpms
Safety lock lid prevents
the centrifuge lid from
opening until the rotor
has stopped spinning
Versatility is ideal for
general laboratory use
with multiple rotors

The Spinplus Centrifuge is perfect for the separation
of biological applications needed in both a hospital
and/or research laboratory. The centrifuge can hold
up to eight tubes without additional adapters.

Centrifuge, Brushless
Technical Specifications
Fixed angle
5000 rpm
8 x 15mL|6 x 15mL|12 x 5mL
0-99 min
AC230V 50 HZ / 110V 60 HZ
13.4” x 15.75” x 10.62”
Rotor Type
Max Speed
Speed Accuracy
Time Range
Unit Dimensions
* Can be made to country specific requirements

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