Scientific Products

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Custom-Cables-IH - Custom Cables

Custom Cables
$300.00 $275.00

SCRW_THUMB-8T32X5/8KB-MOD1 - Replacement Thumb Screw

Replacement Thumb Screw for the 1000-US (NE-1000)

E-RING-9/64SHAFT-BE14 - To be used with SCRW_THUMB-8T32X5/8KB-MOD1

To be used with SCRW_THUMB-8T32X5/8KB-MOD1 (Thumb Screw Replacement)

570L - OEM High Speed Syringe Pump

One Channel Extended Chassis OEM High Speed Syringe Pump
$655.00 $634.99

Throughout time, Science has been an important leader in the discovery of many inventions. A way of not only improving existing technology, but also the development of new methods in technology. Zabdi Resources’ markets manufactured goods through our on-line Scientific Store which has a variety of instruments and equipment for those organizations involved in Scientific research and development of new products. Developing new methods and processes that were not available before. The manufactured goods include Scientific products, Scientific accessories, Scientific supplies and Scientific equipment. In addition, our Scientific Store provides laboratory instruments to support those functions. The manufactured goods include laboratory instruments and laboratory equipment. Manufacturers are able to improve their existing product lines through research and development as well as the in-coming feedback from the Scientific and Technical community. This enables them to improve existing products as well as develop new product lines.