RE601 and RE801 are highly functional and programmable rotary evaporators which are standard equipped with motorized lift, vacuum regulator, vapor temperature display functions and automatic distillation function.
SKU: RE-801-CO
Manufacturer part number: RE-801-CO



  • play for motor speed (rpm), vacuum and vapor temperature
  • Stable rotation at low and high speeds
  • Unique durable vacuum seal suitable up to 2L flasks
  • One touch operation for displaying and saving operating conditions
  • Equipped with lift-up switch in the event of power outage
  • Rotary joint’s locking position is adjustable up to 80 mm; useful when using evaporating flasks with varying capacities or when there is a need to shift the vacuum seal’s contact position (Patent No. 3220033)
  • Vertical condenser prevents liquid from stagnating.  New condenser tubes (type A&B) are designed to increase cooling capacity with a 20% larger surface area (Patent No. 4597021)
  • Evaporating flask can be released easily and quickly by turning the flask release nut
  • Compact, fits into any fume hood
  • Universal power supply: works with 100-240VAC

Unique features of RE801

  • Automatic distillation
  • Continuous bath control
  • Data on 53 solvents installed as default


Motor DC brushless motor (for rotation)
Controller Vacuum regulator VR600 Vacuum regulator VR800
Rotation speed 20~250 (rpm)
Lift stroke 130mm
Setting range of vacuum 0~981hPa
Measurable range of vacuum 0~1033hPa
Resolution of vacuum 1hPa
Setting range of hysteresis 1~50hPa
Resolution of vapor temperature indicator Selectable (either 1°C or 0.1°C)
Readout of cooling water temperature Depending on indicator (option)
Resolution of cooling water temperature indicator 1°C or 0.1°C
Operation modes Free, fixed temperature, fixed temperature timer, descending, and descending timer Free, fixed temperature, fixed temperature timer, descending, and descending timer, auto I (auto operation with continuous drying), and auto II (auto operation for distillation of single solvent)
Setting range of timer 1-999 minutes in increments/decrements of 1 minute for preset operations, 1-99 minutes for descending timer operations
Memory 10 programs for each operation
Data operation N/A 53 kinds of solvent data
Speed (rpm) setting Rotation: Control knob Vacuum adjustment: Key pad
Safety measures (drive unit) Circuit breaker, rotor for overload protection, manual adjustment of lift's lower limit, lift-up switch during power outage
Safety measures (vacuum regulator) Self-diagnostic functions, main unit / bath synchronized stop at malfunction, error display
Synchronized control feature Selection of automatic bath stop or automatic insulation
Lifting feature One-touch motorized lift system
External dimension Glassware A W828 × D400 × H727mm (H857mm when raised)
External dimension Glassware B/C W643 × D400 × H727mm (H857mm when raised)
Weight ~15.1kg (excluding the glassware and the water/oil bath)
Power supply Main unit (50/60Hz) AC100~240V 1.5A
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