PS03 - Prepared Slide Sets High School Level

Glass slides professionally stained, mounted, and individually labeled, ready for observation under the microscope.
Manufacturer: My First Lab
Manufacturer part number: PS03
Vendor: My First Lab


Each set is packed in its own 25 capacity slide box. Quantity discount for order of 20 set/box. CPSIA approved.

1. Loose Connective Tissue
2. Spinal Cord c.s.
3. Motor Nerve Ending
4. Stomach Mammal Sec.
5. Kidney c.s.
6. Artery & Vein c.s.
7. Blood Vessel of Lung
8. Blood Vessel of Kidney
9. Taste Bud
10. Mouth Smear
11. Human Sperm Smear
12. Mitosis of Animal Cell
13. Hydra thru Testis c.s.
14. Hydra thru Ovary c.s.
15. Hydra with Bud
16. Fern Prothalium wm
17. Zea Mays Seed Ls.
18. Spirogyra
19. Lung Mammal
20. Colon Mammal
21. Trachea Mammal
22. Pancreas Mammal
23. Uterus Mammal
24. Spleen Mammal
25. Onion Root Tips
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