Peristaltic Pumps

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PERI-HEAD-KIT-YB2 - Peri Head Kit

For use with model: NE-9000B
$76.00 $66.00

PERI-HEAD-KIT-YG4 - Peri Head Kit

For use with model: NE-9000G!
$135.00 $126.00

PERI-HEAD-KIT-HGC2 - NE-9004 Peristaltic pump HEAD KIT

For use with model: NE-9004!
$136.00 $127.00

Q-TP-PMED-1/16 - PharMed Tubing 1/16"ID 3/16"OD 1/16"Wall

PharMed® Tubing for use with the NE-9000G Model!

Q-TP-FD1-1/16 - Hot Food & Beverage Tubing

For Use with the NE-9000G Model!

Q-TP-FD1-3/16 - Food Grade Tubing

Food Grade Tubing 3/16"ID x 5/16"OD x 1/16" Wall (Purchase in 5ft Intervals) price per foot for Use with Model 9000B.

A peristaltic pump works by pressure and displacement. It is used mainly to pump liquids through a tube, which is different than most other pumps in which parts of the pump actually come into direct contact with the liquid. It is one of the most common types of tools used to pump liquids, especially in medical settings. Because the mechanical workings of the pump never come into contact with the fluid directly, it has a number of uses, especially in situations where sterile fluids are required.

A peristaltic pump operates by allowing fluids into a hose. The fluid then flows into the pump casing through the hose. Once there, a rotor with a number of rollers compresses the tube forcing the liquid on through the pump and directing it to its final destination. This technique is known as peristalsis. Thus, the tool is called a peristaltic pump. Often, when using a peristaltic pump, the fluids must be kept in a pure environment. Therefore, the hoses must always contain the same fluid. However, this does not necessarily limit the functioning of the pump, because the hoses can be switched out.

The pump offers other advantages as well. For example, because the inside of the pump is dry, there is less of a need to worry about having to protect the pump from moisture. The moisture stays inside the tube.