P3030 - PCR tubes, Individual 0.2ml flat

PCR tubes, 0.2mL, individual, with attached flat caps
Manufacturer: MTC Bio
SKU: P3030
Manufacturer part number: P3030
Vendor: MTC Bio

These tubes are made of superior grade, highly transparent polypropylene for maximum sample visualization. Designed with ultra-thin walls, they ensure rapid thermal transfer.
Available in strips of 8 x 0.2mL tubes with domed cap strips packed separately, they are fully compatible with all popular thermal cyclers, with or without heated lid protocols. The individual tubes have attached caps, and are available with domed or flat caps. All PCR tubes are packed in clear, resealable plastics bags and are RNase and DNase free.

1000 Count


• Ultra-thin walled


• RNase, DNase & Pyrogen free


• Autoclavable

• Individual or strips

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