MK-201D - COMPACT SHAKER ROTARY & RECIPROCATE 20-200rpm 100-240V 50/60Hz

Rotary and reciprocate shaking motion!
SKU: MK-201D
Manufacturer part number: MK-201D


Rotary and reciprocate shaking motion


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Changeable rotary and reciprocate motion¬† for mixing, extracting and stirring of samples
  • Digital display of shaking frequency
  • Equipped with shaking timer
  • Easy to assemble and remove accessories
  • Various shaking modes when used with different shaking stages and racks
  • Can be placed inside IN-604W incubator for shaking incubation


Shaking mode Rotary and Reciprocate (manual operation)
Shaking range Rotary: 30mm Reciprocate: 30mm
Shaking frequency 20~200 rpm, Random adjustment
Display type Digital
Timer 0.5sec.~100hrs.
External dimensions WxDxH 442 x 415 x 130 mm
Weight 19kg
Power source 50/60Hz AC115V ~2A / AC220V ~1.3A
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