Milwaukee Instruments

Milwaukee Instruments, Inc. is comprised of manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities throughout the world. Our precision, diagnostic equipment is used in laboratories, food and beverage operations, agriculture, industry, and by hobbyists in a wide variety of applications.

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2581B‐50 - Dry Pump Piston

The WOB-L® 2581 dry piston pump is ideal for pumping water vapor, and for applications with vacuum requirements above 6.7 mbar.
$2,520.00 $2,084.99

AG900 - Standard Portable pH / Conductivity / TDS Combination Meter

3 meters in 1! This meter allows you to measure pH, EC (conductivity) and TDS with just one instrument and one single probe!

AQ600 - Standard Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The AQ600 is a Portable Dissolved Oxygen meter ideal for use in school laboratories.

BEM101 - pH Meter

pH Meter

BEM401 - TDS - PPM Meter

TDS - PPM Meter

BEM500 - ORP Meter

ORP Meter

BEM802 - pH/EC/TDS Combo Meter

pH/EC/TDS Combo Meter

C65 - Waterproof Conductivity Tester w/replaceable electrode (low range)

These instruments are designed for all applications.

EC59 - Pocket-size Conductivity / TDS / Temperature Meter with replaceable electrode

EC59 shows on the dual-level LCD the EC (3999 µS/cm) or TDS (2000 ppm) value.