MG-600H - MAGNETIC STIRRER WITH HOT PLATE X 6 (300~1500 rpm) 115-240V 50/60Hz

Rotation and heating can be adjusted individually!
SKU: MG-600H
Manufacturer part number: MG-600H


MH301/800: Strong stirrer with hot plate

MH520: High temperature / boiling type magnetic stirrer with hot plate

MG600H: 6 Points Controllable Type (individual stirring heating) stirrer with hot plate



  • Stirrable for high viscosity sample
  • Volume knob type temperature control
  • Chemical resistant, heat conductive aluminum with ceramic coating hot plate


  • Stable rotation brings better results
  • Excellent temperature stability and temperature rising speed with the adoption of round plate with good thermal efficiency
  • Chemical resistant ceramic coating hot plate
  • Equipped with circuit protector
  • Strong stirring capacity up to 5L
  • 20~60mm stirrer bar available


  • Rotation and heating can be adjusted individually
  • Equipped with circuit protector
  • Chemical resistant ceramic coating hot plate


Plate material Aluminum with ceramic coating
Plate dimensions W176xD151mm ø168mm W299xD285mm ø126mm x 6pcs.
Stirring capacity 100~3000ml 50~5000ml 200~10000ml 100~2000ml x 6pcs.
Stirring rate 400~1500rpm 150~1150rpm (50Hz)
150~1300rpm (60Hz)
100~1400rpm 300~1500rpm
Heater 400W 470W 1000W 230W x 6pcs.
Temp. control Triac input control type
Hot plate temp. Max.300°C
(set by volume with OFF)
Max.325°C Max.250°C
(set by volume with OFF)
(W230mm x 6pcs. Individual temp. control (set by volume with OFF))
Motor AC motor, condenser motor Induction motor, Phase control / electromagnetic brake combination AC motor, condenser electronic control 3W AC shading motor
Power source (50/60Hz) AC115V 4A
AC220V 2.5A
AC115V 5.5A
AC220V 3.5A
AC115V 10A
AC220V 6A
AC115V 13.5A
AC220V 7A
External dimensions* WxDxH 184x202x114mm 190x223x123 mm 309x315x151 mm 606x420x122 mm
Weight ~2.6kg ~3.1kg ~6.7kg ~14kg
Accessory Stirrer bar 30mm 1pc. Stirrer bar 30mm 1pc. Stirrer bar 40mm 1pc. Stirrer bar 30mm 6 pcs.


* Protrusions not included