M4030 Inoculating needles, rigid ABS

Inoculating needles, rigid ABS, 25/sterile peel, 40 peels/pack
SKU: M4030
Manufacturer part number: M4030

1000 Pieces Per Case

Inoculating needles, rigid ABS, 25/sterile peel, 40 peels/pack

Inoculating Loops & Needles


These sterile disposable plastic loops and needles are designed for use in quantitative procedures such as sampling, urine counts and serial dilutions, as well as for bacterial inoculation. Because they are pre-sterilized and designed for single use, there is no risk of cross contamination and no need for flaming. They are flexible enough for streaking, yet rigid enough for subsurface inoculation.
The unique hexagonal shape of the shaft makes it easier to grip, orientate and guide through a smooth streaking process. The loop surfaces are extremely smooth with no rough edges and no flashing or burrs on the loop head. This results in the elimination of cutting or gouging of the agar surface.
Sterile, disposable and verifiably accurate, these loops provide an efficient, cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional metallic loops.


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