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MONITOR 4 - Analog Radiation Detector

The Monitor 4 is compact, analog radiation detector.
$445.00 $424.99

MONITOR 4EC - Analog Radiation Detector

The Monitor 4EC is an energy compensated, ergonomic radiation survey meter capable of detecting alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays over 3 selectable ranges.
$475.00 $459.99

Monitor MC1K - Analog Radiation Detector

The new ergonomic MC1K is a handheld survey meter using a built-in energy compensated GM detector.
$465.00 $439.99

Radiation Alert MONITOR 200

The Monitor 200 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. Its digital display shows readings in your choice of CPM, CPS, μSv/hr, mR/hr, or in accumulated counts.
$535.00 $504.99

Radiation Alert MONITOR 1000EC

The Monitor 1000EC is an energy compensated radiation detector that measures gamma, and x-rays. Perfect for most applications requiring an energy compensated detector.
$565.00 $544.99

THE FRISKER - Radiation Frisker

Sick of getting tripped up by cables? Want that free hand back? Tired of lugging around a meter the size of a lunch box? Presenting The Radiation Alert® Frisker.
$590.00 $574.99