Programmable refrigerant forced convection eco incubator!
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Manufacturer part number: INE-800


Programmable refrigerant forced convection eco incubator

Operation and functions

  • Upgraded inverter control improved refrigeration efficiency, reduced frost significantly and minimized wasted power during refrigeration
  • 44% power savings compared to previous models
  • Controller upgraded for easier viewing and operability
  • Temperature distribution accuracy improved for better incubation
  • Standard equipped with program operation, auto-stop, auto-start, quick auto stop, timer, calibration off-set, memory, and electricity & CO₂ emission monitor
  • Designed with Analog Output (4-20mA) and External Communication Port (RS485)
System Forced convection
Operating temperature range 0~+60°C
Setting temperature range -5~+65°C
Temperature adjustment accuracy ±0.2°C (at 37°C during continuous operation), ±0.5°C (at 37°C cycle operation)
Temperature fluctuation ±0.3°C (at 37°C during continuous operation), ±1.0°C (at 37°C cycle operation)
Temp. distribution accuracy ±0.5°C (at 37°C during continuous operation)
Temperature gradient 2.0°C (at 37°C during continuous operation)
Max. temperature reaching time 20~60°C 35min.
Min. temperature reaching time 20~0°C 50min.
Cooling Mechanism Continuous operation, Cycle operation, Cooling-stop operation
Interior Stainless steel
Exterior Chromate-free electrogalvanized steel plate Baked chemical resistant finish
Heat insulator Styrene foam (non-freon)
Freezer 200W Rotary Unit
Cooling Medium R134a 350g
Operation range of freezer Below 40°C
Defrosting mechanism Hot Gas Bypass Method, Manual (random) Defrost / Auto (time) Defrost
Blower fan DC Axial flow fan 4-Step, Equipped with Error Signal when stopped
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater : 750W
Sensor Double sensor: Platinum resistance temperature detector: Pt100Ω (temperature controller), K-thermocouple (overheat prevention device)
Cable port I.D.: 50 mm (right side of main unit)
Temperature controller PID control by microprocesser
Temperature Display Setting Temp. Display : 5-digit orange LED digital display / Actual Temp. Display : 4-digit green LED digital display
Timer / timer resolution 0~99hr. 59min. / 1min.
Operation function Fixed temperature, Auto start, Auto stop, Quick auto stop, Program (99 steps, 99 patterns)
Additional functions Timer, Calibration off-set, Electricity & CO₂ Emission Monitor, Voltage Recovery Optional, User Setting saving/readout, Calendar timer (24 hours)
Safety device Self diagnostic function (temp. sensor error, heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, main relay error, automatic overheat prevention), Key lock, Overcurrent electric leakage breaker, Overheat prevention device, Fan malfunction detector, Cooling high-pressure detector, Inverter malfunction detector
External dimensions WxDxH 710 x 645 x 1730 mm
Internal dimensions WxDxH 600 x 477 x 1000 (effective 800) mm
Internal capacity 286L
Shelf load capacity 15 kg/pc.
Shelf rest step number / pitch 23 steps / 30mm
Power supply (50/60 Hz) AC115V 8.7A (with plug)
AC220V 4.5A (no plug, round terminal)
Weight ~135kg
Included accessories Stainless steel punched metal 5 pcs. shelf / 10 pcs. brackets, 2 keys, silicon stopper for cable hole 1 pc
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