Standard low temperature forced convection incubators applicable for low temperature tests and environmental tests!
SKU: IN-804W 115V
Manufacturer part number: IN-804W 115V


Standard low temperature forced convection incubators applicable for low temperature tests and environmental tests

Operation and functions

  • High accuracy temperature control and temperature distribution
  • Inner glass door keeps temperature stable during sample observation
  • Designed with a large dual glass door and inner door that forms a triplex glass door for improved heat retention (IN604W/804W)
  • Interior light for better sample visibility (IN604W/804W)
  • Optional slide shaker table available to put in and take out samples easily (IN604W/804W)
System Forced air convection
Operating temperature range -10°C~+50°C
Temperature adjustment accuracy ±0.3°C (refrigerator in continuous operation) / ±1.0°C (refrigerator in cycle operation)
Temp. distribution accuracy ±1.0°C (refrigerator in continuous operation at 37°C)
Max. temp. reaching time 20~50°C ~20min 20~50°C ~30min Data unavailable
Minimum temp. reaching time 20~-10°C ~ 45min 20~-10°C ~55min 20~-10°C ~65min Data unavailable
Interior material Stainless steel
Exterior material Chrome free electronic galvanized plated steel plate chemical proof baking finish
Observation window --- W516 x H416mm (with key) --- Data unavailbale
Heat insulation material Styrene foam
Refrigerator Air-cooled fully closed compressor 250W Air-cooled fully closed compressor 300W
Refrigerator medium R134A R404A
Defrosting mechanism Manual ON / Auto OFF, Timer operation, Cycle operation
Blower fan Axial fan
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater: 550W Iron-chrome wire heater: 750W
Sensor Platinum resistance temperature detector: Pt100Ω (temp. controller), K-thermocouple (overheat prevention device)
Cable port (right side) I.D.: 32 mm I.D.: 50 mm I.D.: 32 mm I.D.: 32 mm
Temperature control PID control
Temperature setting Digital setting with ▲▼ keys
Temperature display Measured temperature: 4-digit orange LED digital display + VFD fluorescent display
Timer / timer resolution 0 min. ~ 999 hrs. 59 min. / 1 min.
Operation function Fixed temperature, auto stop, auto start, program (up to 32 steps, repeat operation)
Additional functions Timer function (accumulated time to 49,999 hrs), calibration off-set function, clock display
Safety device Self diagnostic function (Temp. sensor error, Heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, Main relay error, Automatic overheat prevention function), Key lock, Over current ELB, Overheat prevention device
Internal dimensions W x D x H 600 x 477 x 500 mm 600 x 477 x 1000 mm
External dimensions W x D x H 710 x 645 x 913 mm 710 x 645 x 1630 mm
Internal capacity 143L 286L
Shelf plate load 15kg / pc.
Shelf rest step number / pitch 13 steps / 30mm 23 steps / 30mm
Power supply (50/60Hz) AC115V 9A (with plug)
AC220V 5.5A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 10.5A (with plug)
AC220V 7.5A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 10.5A (with plug)
AC220V 6A (no plug, round terminal)
Weight ~89kg ~ 120kg
Shelf / Shelf brackets 3 pcs. / 6 pcs. stainless steel punched metal 5 pcs. / 10 pcs. stainless steel punched metal
Door keys --- 2 keys --- 2 keys
Optional items Stand, additional shelf, cable port (ø30/50mm), recorder, warning light combination (stand-by/operation/error), observation window, external communication function (RS485), temperature output terminal (4-20mA), external alarm output terminal, time up output terminal
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