Economical general purpose natural convection incubators!
Manufacturer part number: IC-403CW


Economical general purpose natural convection incubators

Operation and functions

  • Space saving
  • All models come with either an observation window (W) for improved visibility or solid door
  • Dual door system permits contents to be viewed easily without disrupting atmosphere of the incubator (except IC-100 series)
  • Control panel of IC103C/113C located at a higher position for easy access
  • Easy to use digital setting display and timer
  • Air jacket technology ensures even and efficient heat distribution throughout the chamber
  • Standard equipped with various functions such as self-diagnostic, calibration off-set, overheat prevention and key lock
  • Models 400 to 900 have an option for communication port (R)
System Natural convection
Operating temp. range Room temp. +5~80°C
Temp. control accuracy ±0.5°C (at 37°C)
Temp. distribution accuracy ±1.0°C
Interior Stainless steel
Exterior Cold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish
Heat insulator Glass fiber
Heater Stainless steel heating pipe Iron-chrome wire heater
0.2kW 0.3kW 0.4kW 0.7kW 2.2kW
Temperature controller PID control by microprocessor
Temperature setting system Operation menu key and digital setting by ▲▼ keys, digital display
Temperature display Measurement temperature: Digital display by 4 digit green LED / Setting temperature: Digital display by 4 digit red LED
Timer 1 min. ~ 99 hrs 59 mins. and 100~999 hrs 50 mins (including timer waiting function)
Operation function Fixed temperature, Auto start, Auto stop, Quick Auto stop
Additional function Calibration off-set, Key-lock, Power outage compensation
Safety device Self diagnostic functions, temp. sensor error, display error, measurement temp. error, auto overheat prevention
Heater control circuit SSR drive system
Sensor K-thermocouple
Internal dimensions WxDxH 350 x 300 x 360 mm 450 × 480 × 450 mm 600 x 530 x 500 mm 600 × 530 × 1000 mm 1070 x 530 x 1000 mm
External dimensions WxDxH 430 x 397 x 606 mm 560 × 606 × 820 mm 710 x 656 x 870 mm 710 × 656 × 1619 mm 1180 x 656 x 1619 mm
Internal capacity 37L 97L 159L 318L 567L
Inner door None Reinforced glass door x 1 Reinforced glass door x 2
Shelf load capacity ~15 kg/pc.
Shelf rest step number 8 steps 9 steps 12 steps 29 steps 29 steps x 2
Power supply (50/60 Hz) AC115V 1.8A (with plug)
AC220V 1A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 4.5A(with plug)
AC220V 2A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 6A (with plug)
AC220V 2.5A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 10A (with plug)
AC220V 4.5A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 13A (with plug)
AC220V 6.5A (no plug, round terminal)
Weight ~17 kg ~45 kg ~65 kg ~102 kg ~166kg
Shelf / shelf brackets Stainless steel
2 pcs. / 4pcs. 4 pcs. / 8pcs. 8 pcs. / 16pcs.
Optional items Stand, Stacking kit, Additional shelf, Cable hole (25/50mm or 30/50mm), External communication terminal (RS485), Temp. output terminal, Time-up output terminal for alarm device
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