FW-1-X2 - Model X2 Programming Upgrade

Model X2 Programming Upgrade for the NE-1000
Manufacturer: New Era Instruments
SKU: FW-1-X2
Manufacturer part number: FW-1-X2

X Firmware Advanced Features Upgrade
Upgraded Features to the standard NE-1000 firmware:
- Linear/Gradient Program Function
- Dual Pump Next Generation Continuous Pumping Mode
- Dual Pump Constant Flow Rate Gradient Pumping Mode
- Additional programming functions for more complex Pumping Programs
- Syringe Pumps, Syringes & Plumbing Supplies sold separately
- Download Brochure
- Download Special Dual Pump Controls User Manual

X2 Firmware Advanced Features and Memory Upgrade
- Includes all of the features of the X firmware version, plus...
- Increases the maximum number of programmable pumping phases from 41 to 340.

Any syringe pump can be field upgraded except for the NE-300.

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