Highly reliable and accurate fine ovens with simple settings for various temperature characteristic tests requiring complicated programming!
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Manufacturer part number: DH-412


Highly reliable and accurate fine ovens with simple settings for various temperature characteristic tests requiring complicated programming

Performance and functions

  • Improved visibility and operability of control panel
  • Precise temperature stability & uniformity
  • Standard equipped with adjustable air speed function and displays of power consumption, CO₂ emission and heat timer
  • Enhanced program operation function (maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns, repetitive operation function)
  • Improved safety with fan motor error detection
  • Exhaust damper allows quick exhaust and cooling of inside chamber
  • Equipped with exhaust and cable ports

Safety features

  • Self-diagnosis circuit (abnormal temp. sensing, heater disconnection, auto overheat prevention, SSR short circuit), overheat protector, earth leakage breaker, key lock and door switch
System Forced air circulation and ventilation
Operating temp. range*¹ Room temp. +15~260°C Room temp. +15~360°C
Temp. adjustment accuracy*¹ ± 0.1°C (at 260°C) ± 0.2°C (at 360°C)
Temp. distribution accuracy*¹ ± 1.5°C (at 260°C) ± 2.5°C (at 360°C)
Max. temp. reaching time*¹ ~40 min. (reaches 260°C when setting at 270°C) ~50 min. (reaches 360°C when setting at 370°C)
Temp. control system PlD Z control
Temp. setting method Digital setting by ▲/▼ key
Temp. display method Setting temp. display: Digital display by 5-digit orange LED (resolution: 1°C) Temp. display: Digital display by 4-digit green LED (resolution: 1°C)
Other indication LED indicates temperature patterns for heating/stabilizing/cooling
Timer display range Fixed value operation for 1 min. to 99 hrs. 59 mins. 24 hr time system: clock operation
Operation functions Fixed temperature, Auto start, Auto stop, Program operation: up to 99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat operation function
Additional functions Variable air flow function, power on time and timer accumulation monitor (up to 65535 hrs), calibration offset, power consumption display, total CO₂ emissions and heat operation output, power failure recovery mode, setting data backup and recovery
Sensor K thermocouple (double sensor)
Heater insulator SUS pipe heater with fan
Heater capacity 2.1 kW 3.0 kW 2.7 kW 3.75 kW
Blower fan (motor) Axial fan (capacitor type motor 20W)
Cable port I.D. 33 mm x 1 pc. (rear)
Interior / exterior material Stainless steel/ Chrome-free electro-galvanized steel sheet metal, chemical-proof baked on finish
Door Single swing (left side)
Exhaust port Automatic exhaust damper I.D. 80 mm (rear panel)
Heat insulator Glass wool
Heater circuit control Triac with zero-crossing method
Earth leakage breaker 15A 20A 20A 30A
Leak current/short circuit / Over-current protection, rated current sensitivity 30mA
Safety device Self-diagnostic functions (temp. sensor error, TRIAC short circuit, heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, fan motor failure, main relay contact damage and overheating), key lock function, door switch (door open, fan motor and heater circuit OFF / door close: fan motor and heater circuit ON), independent overheat prevention (temp. setting range: 0~300°C for DF and 0~400°C for DH)
Internal dimensions*² W×D×H 450×450×450 mm 600×600×600 mm 450×450×450 mm 600x600x600 mm
External dimensions*² W×D×H 1050×630×850 mm 1200×780×1000 mm 1050×630×850 mm 1200×780×1000 mm
Internal capacity 91L 216L 91L 216L
Shelf max. load ~30kg / pc.
Shelf support qty. / pitch 9 steps / 45mm 9 steps / 60mm 9 steps / 45mm 9 steps / 60mm
Power source 50/60 Hz single phase AC220V 12.5A (no plug, round terminal) AC220V 17.5A (no plug, round terminal) AC220V 15.5A (no plug, round terminal) AC220V 17.5A (no plug, round terminal)
Weight ~112 kg ~156 kg ~112 kg ~156 kg
Shelf / bracket 2 pcs / 4 pcs 3 pcs / 6 pcs 2 pcs / 4 pcs 3 pcs / 6 pcs


*¹ Performance data above based on rated source voltage, single phase 220V AC ±5%, supplied power, 23°C±5°C (room temperature), 65%RH ±20% humidity, 86kPa atomospheric pressure, exhaust
damper closed, and no sample load.
*² Protrusions excluded.

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