C2615-W 15mL Indiv. Wrap Centrifuge Tubes

15mL centrifuge tube, individually wrapped, sterile, PP
SKU: C2615-W
Manufacturer part number: C2615-W

300 Pieces Per Case

15mL centrifuge tube, individually wrapped, sterile, PP


Centrifuge Tubes 15ml & 50ml




Conical 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes are made of premium polypropylene for clarity and centrifugal strength. Tubes and caps may be frozen at temperatures as low as -86˚C. The maximum centrifugal force is 12,000xg for the 15ml tubes and 15,000xg for the 50 ml tubes*. Caps have a flat top surface for easy marking and labeling. Cat. Nos. C2605 and C2630 feature a ‘skirted’ bottom that allow thes tube to stand upright without a separate test tube rack.


*Refers to liquids with a specific gravity of 1.0, using appropriate rotors, cushions and adapters.


• Sterile, RNase, DNase, pyrogen and cytotoxin free

• Available racked or bagged


• Compatible with standard rotors


• Frosted marking surface


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