C & A Scientific

We’re a 26-year old, family-owned company specializing in the manufacturing and private labeling of laboratory equipment, science educational supplies and medical consumables and products. We supply over 700 medical and award-winning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Inspired products to distributors and retailers worldwide.

As a company founded on science, we believe it’s our duty to help inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Our science and education products are powered by the same type of medical-grade technology used in our professional lab products around the world. This means students of all ages will get a fun and interactive learning experience, using the same concepts as the professionals, while building confidence and critical skills in core learning subjects.

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88-1 - Stirring Hot Plate

With this stirrer hot plate you can heat and stir simultaneously or you can perform each separately.

DB-1 Stainless Steel Hot Plate

Stainless steel hot plate surface

MA89 - Digital Microscope Eyepiece 5.0mp

The new 5 megapixel Digital Microscope Camera boasts high resolution live color images and an efficient internal processor paired with user friendly software compatible with current Windows® operating systems (including Windows 8®).
$269.99 $236.00

MRJ-03L Cordless Medical & Research Microscope

Designed to meet high demands of modern laboratory microscopy.
$481.10 $430.59

MRJ-03T Trinocular Microscope

Our trinocular versions of popular professional scopes offer a third vertical eyetube suitable for a camera attachment (available separately).
$424.99 $384.99

MRP-3001 Professional Microscope

Our professional binocular microscope incorporates all the best features of a quality laboratory instrument.
$571.81 $522.57

MS-01L Cordless Student Microscope

Our MS series are some of the best student microscopes on the market today.
$240.94 $199.94

MS-03L Cordless Student Microscope

Our MS series are some of the best student microscopes on the market today
$389.79 $302.79

SMP-13L Stereo Microscope 1X/3X w/ LED Light

Our advanced Stereo Microscopes offer built in turret objectives that make it convenient to change magnification.
$254.02 $229.02