Large capacity 37L oil bath with temperature control of up to 200/270°C
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Manufacturer part number: BOA-310

Oil Bath



Large capacity 37L oil bath with temperature control of up to 200/270°C

Operation and functions

  • High temperature distribution accuracy by adopting jet stirring
  • Advanced supportive functions
    Standard equipped with external alarm output, temperature output terminal (4~20mA, 1~5V adjustable) RS485 communication function, key lock function, calibration offset function

Safety features

  • 3 overheating preventors (Heater cut off automatically when reaching setting temperature + 6°C, overheating preventor, Individual overheating preventor)
  • Standard equipped with emergency stop switch. Forces cut off of the overcurrent circuit in case of emergency
  • Float switch for empty boil prevention
  • Float switch for oil overflow prevention
  • Glass control panel protect from liquid dripping
  • Large operation lamp lighting during operation for attention
  • Self diagnostic function, overheat prevention device, over current leakage breaker, key lock function, power failure compensation function
Temp. control range RT+10~200°C RT+10~270°C
Temp. adjustment accuracy ±0.1°C
Temp. distribution accuracy ±0.2°C ±0.3°C
Max. temp. reaching time 120 min. 70 min.
Temp. control PID control
Sensor W sensor: Pt100Ω (Temp. adjuster) + K Thermocouple (Overheat prevention function)
Operation function Fixed Operation
Stirring method Water Jet Stirring
Heater SUS316 Pipe Heater 2kW SUS316 Pipe Heater 4.5kW
Safety device Electric leakage breaker for over current protection, Self diagnostic function, Temp. sensor error, Heater error, Automatic overheat prevention function, Overheat preventor, Independent overheat preventor (Fixed 230°C for BOA200, Fixed 300°C for BOA310), Float switch detector for overflow oil, Float switch detector, Emergency stop switch
Other functions Drain valve, Large operation lamp, External alarm output terminal, Temp. output terminal (1~5V, 4~20mA adjustable), RS485 communication function, Key lock function, Power Failure Protection Function, Calibration Offset Function, External Communication Adapter (optional)
Oil bath dimensions WxDxH 296 x 340 x 270 mm
Bath capacity 37L
External dimensions WxDxH 531 x 520 x 578 mm (oil bath depth 397 mm)
Power source AC115V 18.5A / AC220V 10A AC220V 21A
Weight ~37kg
Accessories Shelf 1pc., lid 1pc.
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