ADPT-ANABOX-11 - Ana-Box™ - Analog Control Interface

Ana-Box™ - Closed Loop Analog Sensor Interface.
Manufacturer part number: ADPT-ANABOX-11


  • Vary the pumping rate in proportion to a variable voltage input
  • Start or stop the pump at set voltages
  • Vary the pumping rate to maintain a voltage window
    ie. - maintain a pressure or pH level
  • Attaches to any pump in the NE-1000 Series
  • Operates stand alone. Does not need a computer to operate.
  • Optionally outputs event data to a computer for data logging
  • Download Brochure
  • Analog Sensor Interface adapter 1 analog input (12V max), 1 run input.
  • Additional Information Needed for International Usage

Sample Operational Modes:

Pressure Controlled Infusion
Automatically varies the pumping rate to maintain a pressure by utilizing your pressure sensor with a voltage output.

Ramping (gradient) with Voltage
Start Pump at Voltage Trigger Stop Pump at Voltage Trigger
Start Pump within Voltage Range Stop Pump within Voltage Range

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