About us

Zabdi Resources, LLC specializes in providing quality products in four major areas.  Scientific Products, Safety Products, Medical Products and Environmental products.   We offer products that are what you want and need.  Products that get the work done effectively, comfortably and safely. 

We enjoy talking to our customers, hearing about their applications and helping them identify the right product to fit their application.  To help a customer, we provide as much telephone support as the customer needs, and if we don’t have the product you need we will make every effort to locate the right product.

Why would we do this?  Because, we treat our customers the same way we want to be treated by our manufacturers. It’s simply good customer service.  Whether you are a small customer or a large customer, you are treated the same.

Our company was founded on the principle to provide quality products, priced at affordable levels.  We are continually working with our manufacturers to make price adjustments that favor our customers.

We encourage you to contact us concerning any questions you may have.