2042B-01 - PTFE Dry Pump, 2 Torr, 35L/min, 115V 60Hz 1Ph

WELCH High Capacity Drt Fast Ultra!
SKU: 2042B-01
Manufacturer part number: 2042B-01

All Pumps are constructed with PTFE heads, perfluoroelastomer valves, and a PTFE coated, molded diaphragm. Includes intake/exhaust hose barbs. DryFast® and DryFast® ultra models include tunable vacuum control. General Purpose pumps include exhaust silencer. 

 Fast drying for vacuum oven samples • Oil-free - no oil changes, no oil mess • Rugged corrosion-resistant PTFE construction • Compact, lightweight, portable
DryFast® PTFE dry pumps for vacuum ovens are effective for drying samples that are strongly acidic or basic. DryFast pumps are also effective for samples containing organic solvents. These vacuum pumps are recommended for work with corrosive fumes and the fluorinated contact surfaces are resistant to organic attack.
DryFast pumps are a dry diaphragm design that eliminates the maintenance and contamination potential issues associated with oil-seal pumps. High flow DryFast pumps are portable with a small footprint and handy vacuum adjustments. Cold traps are recommended for high vapor loads.

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