202501 Self Cleaning Dry Vacuum System, 115V 60Hz 1P

PTFE Dry Vacuum Systems Self Cleaning!
SKU: 202501
Manufacturer part number: 202501

Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum Systems These chemical duty dry diaphragm pumping systems are typically used in evaporation applications, e.g. rotavaps. Self-cleaning air purge cycle at the conclusion of each run maintains consistent performance and extends service intervals. Dial up vacuum control and a handy switch for instant reaction to bumping / foaming conditions. Rugged PTFE construction of all contact surfaces.

Model 2025 analog vacuum read-out, vacuum regulator, 9 torr  ultimate vacuum for fast stripping of most common rotary evaporation solvents. Fast stripping of rotary evaporator solvents with boiling point < 110 °C.



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