1402B-01 DUOSEAL, 115V 60Hz 1Ph

SKU: 1402B-01
Manufacturer part number: 1402B-01
  • Famous Durability
  • Deep Vacuum to 10-4 torr
  • Low RPM for cooler operation

Address a wide variety of laboratory vacuum needs with these rugged oil-seal pumps. Use DuoSeal vacuum pumps for Schlenk drying manifolds, freeze drying, vacuum ovens, glove bo x es, degassing, concentrations, distillations, and more.
DuoSeal pumps are built to rigorous quality standards with precisely machined components. The belt-driven design produces low pump rpm operation, reducing friction, oil temperature, and oil degradation to e x tend maintenance intervals and pump life. Large oil reservoir minimizes contaminant effects to maintain high vacuum performance. Use of a cold trap is recommended to protect the pump and enhance vacuum levels. Do not operate continuously at pressures greater than 10 torr.
DuoSeal two stage pumps provide deep vacuum (1 X 10-4 torr) at pumping speeds ranging from 25 to 650 L/min (0.9 to 23 CFM). DuoSeal single stage pumps provide economical vacuum to 0.015 torr.
See Additional Info tab for model selection to find the best DuoSeal pump to suit your application needs.
Duoseal Pump, 160L/min, 115V 60Hz

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